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Meet The Team


Meet The Team

Veronica Davis:  

As third generation consultant I have seen many changes in the travel industry over the past 30 years.  Amazingly  I never get sick of this business because even though there are constant changes, it  provides amazing challenges and you get to meet some fascinating people.

Tourism itself hasn’t changed in centuries, its just nowadays we experience the world differently with transport and technology constantly making the world a smaller place.
Yes I have been to most continents over the years but I haven’t been to all the little villages or all the museums or brilliant restaurants. If I had – I’d never be at work. If pushed, I’d have to say my favourite place is Africa. As much as I love David Attenborough’s documentaries, television cannot portray the dry heat, the smell of the grass or the vibrations in the ground that you experience as an assault on the senses when you are on safari.
When  I coordinate the travel plans for you I reconfirm the details, I use reputable wholesalers so if something does go awry there is back up. I make sure your visa requirements are checked, that you have appropriate travel insurance, advise you on currency, overseas communication options and can even book show/sport tickets.

My mobile number is on the documentation so if there is unforeseen changes to your itinerary I can be contacted to assist with ammendments.